Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jupiter has got more AUM ... because of Alexander Darwall, Ben Whitmore, and, er ... Ariel Bezalel

The least said about Ariel Bezalel the better. (I'm trying to stay positive. I don't even want to think about "Ariel Bezalel".) / Anyway, Jupiter has got more AUM now ... than it did the last time I looked. (Only a little bit more, probably a few hundred million.) Thanks to Alexander Darwall, Ben Whitmore, and, er ... Ariel Bezalel. They've been getting mad inflows to their funds.

Both Darwall and Whitmore have been to Cambridge University. I don't even want to think where "Ariel Bezalel" has been. / Oh. No. No. / Sorry, dear reader(s). I'm going to have to abandon this post. Or maybe write about something else. / What the hell is Jupiter playing at?! They insist he's a fund manager. That he's a genuine human being. Not some hellish creature, but ...


Music! / Let me think - and write - about my music. / I've found (another) new way of playing My Heart that truly makes it sound like the great song I've spent the last year believing it was/is. Unfortunately, my recent recording of it has a couple of guitar mistakes which ruin the whole effect. I'm staying positive though. I'll just have to keep recording the song until I get a usable version.

Lunch? Oh, don't talk to me about lunch. I couldn't believe it. Tesco didn't have any sandwiches today. Unbelievable! No sandwiches! In this day and age! In modern Britain! And it's not the first time. / Is this a sign of the company's decline?

So, I've got these cheese roll things. Like vegetarian sausage rolls. But made out of cheese. I'm not happy.