Wednesday, 30 October 2013

SAC Capital Advisors will only have to pay $1.2 billion

The insider trading thing. Great news! They're pleading guilty. / All's well that ends well, eh? I'm really happy for Stevie Cohen and the guys. / SAC Capital will have to stop taking outside capital, but that's no big deal, is it? They'll be better off as a family, with a small social club, like the Gambinos. 'The Gambinos, Mikey?' No, probably not, Voice. Stevie's crew aren't as heavy as that. My apologies.

No, it'll be a family office, that's what I meant. Managing Stevie's cash. And he's got loads. He doesn't need any more. Actually, why doesn't he retire? There must be a young punk in his organization who'd be willing to take over, an Andy Garcia type. 'Like in The Godfather, Mikey?!' What, Voice?! Don't be absurd. Nothing like that! 'My apologies, boss. I just got the wrong idea.' Forget about it.


Oh, forget about it. / I'm listening to Lou Reed's best album, in my opinion. Coney Island Baby. It's my favourite, anyway. / It has a nice atmosphere. It's smooth, consistent, and relaxed. / And it seems to be very underrated. I don't hear people mention it much. I remember at school though, my maths teacher really liked it. But he was cool. (He used to go to Jesus and Mary Chain concerts.) There aren't many cool cats around. 'No?' No.

I watched a Jimi Hendrix documentary last night. (Perhaps you saw it, dear reader(s)?) Jimi used to play his guitar all day long, everywhere, even in the toilet. That's what I need to do. / Obviously, there's no need for me to become a total guitar wizard like Jimi, but my great songs deserve competent playing at the very least.

Hey, man, what's your style? I ain't jealous of the way you're living. 'My style, boss? Er ...' I'm not asking you, Voice! I'm quoting Lou, idiot! / Kicks! I need kicks! I need some kicks! Oh, give me now, kicks! Oh, give it to me, now, now. 'Whatever, Mikey.' You're so NOT a cool cat, man.