Friday, 25 October 2013

Katharine Dyer is going to Jupiter!

Not the planet, the asset manager. / This is wonderful news. Danny will be so proud. (Katharine is actually Danny's little sister.) She'll join the firm in December. She's going to be some sort of product specialist - amazing? no, not at all, she's already been one, at BlackRock - and it will be her job to communicate Jupiter's investment philosophy, process, and views. I can't wait!

Dear reader(s), I'm one of her brother's biggest fans. (And Pinter was a fan too.) I love Danny's films. The Football Factory is brilliant. Have you seen it? / So, anyway, I phoned Katharine earlier this morning to find out more: 'Mikey, my son, Jupiter is a proper gaff, do you know what I mean? I'm gonna love working there. I'm really gonna smash it. (Do you think you'll fit in, Kath?) Well, there's a lot of posh geezers at Jupiter, no doubt about it. I ain't bothered though. I can get on with anyone, me. Gangsters, nutters, twats from Eton. I don't care, mate, you know? People are people. As long as they don't give me any grief. (Oh, they shouldn't give you any grief. They're a good crowd.) I don't wanna have to give anyone a slap. (No. You should be all right, Kath.) I mean, if some right rotten slag, some ponce, comes up to me and says I've gotta do overtime one night when I'm supposed to be out on a mad one with the girls, that'll be out of order. I won't stand for that. (No.) I ain't gonna let anyone mug me off. (Of course not.) Obviously, I can be a bit of trouble, a proper naughty girl, I'll hold me hands up, but if they treat me fairly, yeah? There shouldn't be any need for me to put the nut on anyone.'

What a character, eh?!