Tuesday, 15 October 2013

William Fleckenstein is going to be working with Wes Golby

Oh God. Jesus Christ. I mean, who are these people? / 'Boss, William Fleckenstein is a hedge fund manager. He's got this Fleckenstein Capital thing in Seattle.' Of course, a hedgie. (Great! Another one.) And what about Wes Golby, Voice? Who is he? 'Wes works with Bill. They're relaunching the fund.' Marvellous. 'And they like shorting.' Snorting? 'Shorting.' Oh, whatever.

Whatever. / Is there anything else, eh? 'Well, Mikey, Bill says he might have to sit in cash for a year.' What?! Is he crazy? What the hell is wrong with these people?! I thought he was going to be working with Wes. Good honest work, you know? I didn't think they were going to be rolling around on the floor, like kids - with cash! 'He didn't say roll, boss. He'll just be sitting in the stuff. Meditating, I suppose.' Meditating? / Ah, meditating. Jesus. Yeah, I used to do that. It's basic financial shamanism. I used to sit on my wallet. Sure, I used to meditate. Ha! It didn't do anything for me, man. It didn't make me any richer. The only way to get money in this world is to go out and earn it! This Fleckenstein character is a fucking fantasist!


Music? Don't talk to me about music, man. / I think the recording is putting me off. I mean, I can perform better when I'm not recording. It must be my nerves, or something. I don't know. / What I think I'll do today, man, is play my songs and just keep recording the whole time until I forget I'm recording, you dig? 'You'll get lost in the moment, Mikey.' Exactly! And then something might happen. / Dear reader(s), I want to get that Yamaha keyboard I was telling you about - remember? Piano is easier, for me.

Other news? I enjoyed yesterday's cheese sandwich so much that I've got the same one today. / Anyway, laters ...