Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Who is Arjun Menon?

Do you really want to know, dear reader(s)? All right. See if you can dig this ... er / Arjun Menon is some crazy cat operating out of Hong Kong with Highbridge Capital Management. He's thirty-two years old, he's a big Asia head - one of the biggest - and he has worked at Highbridge for ages, man. (Oh, ten years. That's a long time in this game.) / I don't know anything else about him. (Queenie will be able to tell you more, if you're really that interested.) However, I can tell you that Arjun is going to be managing a new hedge fund soon, the Pan Asia Multistrategy fund. Highbridge wants to raise $250 million for it - American dollars, obviously. I can only wish them the best of luck.

As I say, get in touch with Queenie if you really want to know more. I know some of you find hedge fund news exciting. A new fund appears and you want to know all about it, all the details. It's only natural if you're a bit unnatural, a little sick. I'm not judging you. I just think maybe you should find something else to take an interest in. There's more to life than hedge funds, you know. / 'Boss?' Yes, Voice? 'Who the fuck is Queenie?' Queenie, my little invisible friend, is the Hong Kong babe who knows everything about everyone over there. 'Where?' Hong Kong, man. 'Oh. She's well-connected, then?' Yes. Very well-connected. She knows all the players. 'Does she know that dog that lives in the filing cabinet at police headquarters?' I should imagine she does. I mean, she knows everyone. / I don't think the dog lives in the cabinet, reader(s). He just changes in it.