Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lia Forcina has got a job at BlueCrest Capital Management

Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being. / Don't worry. I'm just listening to Elvis Costello, that's all.

Lia Forcina? Lia, Lia ... Lia is some chick who used to be a trader at SAC Capital Advisors in London. Yeah. But she got fed up with that nonsense, so she's moved to BlueCrest. I don't know what she's doing there. (Oh, more nonsense!) Probably the same kind of stuff. These people don't change.

It may be Tuesday (it is!) but ... well, you know. / I'm waiting for a new microphone. A blue ice snowball or something. Better sound. It won't improve my guitar playing though ...

I've been looking around at a few other places ... / It's a good job I don't visit them much any more. Some of these phoney fuckers are worried about tone. Ha! Imagine my tone in their pathetic little world. They would have heart attacks, man.

Lia, Lia, Lia ... / Oh, I'd like to write a bit more about Lia. Yes, I really would. Dear oh dear. Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being. / Is Lia one of these chicks who could make me feel ... even more? / I don't know. It’s a lonely business, life.

What a life, eh? / Maybe I should work on my tone. I don't want to upset the squares, do I?

I played my guitar for four hours yesterday. That's all I wanna do now. Sick of everything else.

Maybe Lia could come round today, play keyboards or something. I don't know. It's an idea.

This finance blogging ... the way I see it, man, I'm burning off bad karma, you know? I'm almost done. I know I ain't gonna be in hell forever. Freedom is coming. I can feel it.

You gotta be real human to write decent songs, dear reader(s). Listen to Blood on the Tracks. 'Blood & Chocolate, boss?' No. Open your ears, Voice! 'I ain't got no ears, Mikey!' / Poor sod. He ain't no human being. A fucking demon. 'Oh, that's harsh.' All right, Voice. I didn't mean that. / I'm the demon.

Lia, Lia, Lia ...