Monday, 21 October 2013

No financial news on Monday, thank God!

Oh, I'm so glad there isn't any financial news this morning. I'm in one of those moods, you know?

I've looked around. There aren't any new hedge funds or anything. It's quite depressing, but not for me. I'm glad there isn't any news.

It's a horrible day, all rainy and that. Cold, and a bit misty. Cloudy. Nothing like summer. What happened to the summer?

I think I'll get this post out of the way, have my lunch, and then play my guitar and try to record my songs. That will cheer me up. Not that I need cheering up.

I'm not one of these sad nutjobs that need the news, man. Worst comes to the worst, I'll make my own news.

It won't come to that. No. I know how it goes. There'll be news tomorrow. There's always news on a Tuesday.

Then I'll be pissed off. Tomorrow, with Tuesday's news. Great! What a life, eh?

I'm trying not to think about it. I've got to stay positive. / One day, this will all be over. I'll be free.

At least I can be positive. It's the others I feel sorry for. / No, I don't feel sorry. They've made their beds.

God has got His eye on me, I'm pretty sure of that. I'll be all right. I'm happy. It's the others I'm worried about.

But I shouldn't be worried, I suppose. / One day, I'll burn down the country club. I'll set everyone free.

Oh, I've got to stay positive, man!