Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shellback Capital / What is it?

Oh, have a guess. Go on! Yes, have a guess, dear reader(s), [please(!!!)], what Shellback Capital is. / 'Is it a new hedge fund, Mikey?' Of course it is, Voice. 'What do I win?' A biscuit. 'Great. You know I can't eat.' No. All you can do is talk.

But there's more! 'Is there?' / Guess who's running this new hedge fund. 'I don't know. Who?' Only Doug Gordon, Jon Hilsabeck, and Don Jabro. 'Brilliant! Who the hell are they?' I have absolutely no idea, Voice. Strangers to me, they are. / Guess what though, eh? 'Who?' Jeffrey Vinik. 'Amazing! Bloody hell! I never thought I would hear his name again.' Why not? Listen, man, Jeffrey has seeded Shellback. 'I'm so glad. Any particular reason?' Well, because these guys - Doug, Jon, and Don - are veterans of his old firm, Vinik Asset Management. 'Oh, right. It's all becoming clear now.' Is it?! 'Not really, boss, no.' I give up!

Is there more? (Maybe.) / By the way, Shellback will be employing a long/short equity strategy. (That's a relief!) It will launch its maiden fund in January. The guys want to enjoy their Christmas first. Very wise. That's why I'm not approaching publishers with my songs until early next year. 'You've got to record them first, Mikey.' Shut up. I'm working on my guitar, man, day and night!


Oh, I'm hungry. I want my lunch! I've got a lovely cheese sandwich, with pickle. Crisps, yoghurt, Pepsi. No surprises. I'm not complaining. / After lunch? I'm in the mood for another conceptual. 'What?!' Yeah, the third one this week. I think I'll try to get my kicks with Don Jabro. 'Don, boss? You don't even know him.' Well, that's perfect, ain't it? It'll make it more fun. (And it's never stopped me before.) I'll take this stranger to a strange land!