Sunday, 28 December 2014

Any financial news?

No? Oh good. I'm not in the mood, anyway. / Did you have a nice Christmas? ... Never mind. I didn't do much, myself. Just watched TV, and played the guitar a bit.

What's happening with the markets, eh? Are they up? Are they down? Have they crashed? Who gives a shit? Life goes on ...

I hope you didn't eat too many mince pies. I didn't have any, actually. However, I had a load of chocolates. Some Christmas cake. I've got four Kronenbourgs in the fridge that I haven't touched yet.

My dear reader(s), have you got any resolutions for the new year? Make more money?! Christ. Take a day off, man. / I have a vague idea about playing my guitar every spare moment. We'll see how that goes. I've got a good feeling, though, that 2015 will be the year I finally break away from blogging to become a ... full-blown rock and roll shaman! Yes, I know I say that every fucking year, but there's just been so much to master, man, you dig? Songs, guitar. Singing and playing at the same time. It's a nightmare. And world-class shit, of course. Not like when I was a kid. / This last week I reckon I've got to grips with bending to pitch. (That's when a guitarist bends a string/note to another note in the same scale. I used to think they bent the string anywhere they liked - well, some do, like Neil Young, who still can't bend properly after fifty years as a professional musician. What's his problem?!) Yeah, I'm making progress!

Music? I'm listening to Amy Winehouse, Back to Black. The last truly classic album, I'd say. 2006! Has pop music died?! No, no, no. Watch this space!


Anything else? Well ... I can't think of anything. I might go to the pub tomorrow. I'll probably do a full day's blogging on Tuesday. Let's hope there's some news!

One more thing: A fox as big as a dog ripped a bin liner full of rubbish to shreds outside my house the other night. I don't blame the fox. It's foxy nature, son. No, I blame the degenerate who dumped the rubbish there a whole week before the dustman is due. Scumbag!!!