Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mark Connolly has joined Aviva Investors just in time for the Christmas party

Well, well ... / He's a bit late, actually. 'Boss, most firms have had their Christmas party.' Ah, things are a bit different at Aviva Investors, Voice. The Christmas party starts on the first of December and finishes around mid-January. 'Jesus!' Yeah. So, Mark Connolly is a bit late, but he'll still be able to get involved and have some fun. 'Four more weeks!' He won't have missed much, man. The Aviva Investors mob are just getting warmed up, I should imagine.

Life of Riley ... / Dear reader(s), you're probably wondering what job Mark is doing at Aviva Investors. ('Ha! You're having a laugh!') Really, you should know by now that no one does any "job" there. However, as you're interested - or seem to be interested - I can tell you Mark's title. He's the fixed income chief investment officer. 'I've heard he's replaced the office cat, who died.' That's just a rumour, Voice. 'What does Euan Munro say?' Er, let me have a look. Yeah, here it is: I am very pleased that Mark will be joining my executive team. He brings an invaluable combination of fixed income investment expertise and a successful track record of building cross-market teams which will be vital as we look to grow our fixed income capabilities. 'Brilliant! Their clients believe this stuff, man!' I know. It's hilarious, Voice. / Christ. It's those poor Schroders bastards I feel sorry for.

By the way, Mr Connolly used to work at Scottish Weirdos. And I mean WORK.


Anything else? Er, I can tell you, dear reader(s), I am in the mood for the Phil Spector Christmas album this morning. I've just finished listening to it, and now I've got the song Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) on repeat. Superb!

Music? My Music?! Well, I'll probably have a go (or two) at recording my songs over Christmas. I'm not going to overdo it though and neglect the mince pies and beer and TV and that. / My guitar? I've decided to stop using D'Addario strings on my acoustic and go back to Martin. / Electric? I was playing my Telecaster last night, rockin' in the free world. I wish I could play all the time, man.

Lunch? Cheese sandwich, crisps, Coke, and ... 'A yoghurt?' No. I'm shaking things up, son. A small blackcurrant cheesecake!