Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Man Group buys Silvermine Capital now!

Even more AUM! These guys have gone AUM crazy! Just under $4 billion! I suppose it's easier than attracting new investors. I wonder how the investors feel, being bought like this. I bet it's that computer, buying everything in sight. The computer is out of control! It's 2001: A Space Odyssey all over again.

I'm hoping that the GLG shamans will step in and put a stop to it.


Anything else? Well ... / Er, not tonight, mate. It's been a long day. I'll write another post tomorrow, the last post before Christmas. What will I write about? Who knows?! That's the beauty of this blog.

Oh, I had a little go on my guitar earlier. I was on fire! / I've noticed I play better when I'm in a positive mood. When I'm depressed, my fingers go dead and get tangled up in the strings. But when I'm buzzing, my fingers start dancing over the strings like, er ... ballet dancers, man! Strange, eh?

I'm tired. I need some doughnuts and a mug of tea. Laters.