Monday, 1 December 2014

Unemployment going down?

Oh, I don't think so, my friends(s). Take a look at this. Just one way the figures are being fiddled.

Remember when I wrote(?): Do you know who I feel sorry for, dear reader(s)? I'll tell you, man (woman): It's not the downtrodden, the disabled, the sick, the unemployed, the low paid, the workfare slaves. No! It's the bankers and hedgies who are making investment decisions based on information they get from the government and the media. / Well, I stand by it BECAUSE ... it's the truth, man! All I have is three chords and the truth. I wouldn't lie to you.


Yeah, man. Three chords and the truth ... / I'm in the mood for recording my songs today. ('Oh, not again, boss!' Shut up! I mean it this time. I'm ready! 'Whatever.') So, I'm preparing myself mentally. I'm listening to what I think are the eight greatest songs ever written. I've mentioned them before. Here's the list again -

1) Mack the Knife
2) My Funny Valentine
3) Night and Day
4) Summertime
5) Imagine
6) Yesterday
7) Something
8) By The Time I Get To Phoenix

[If you want the best versions of those songs, I recommend Sinatra singing Night and Day (the swing version) and My Funny Valentine. The Beatles, obviously, performing their own songs. Bobby Darin for his amazingly cool Mack the Knife. Sam Cooke for Summertime. And Glen Campbell for Phoenix.]

Rightly or wrongly, I believe You're Lying and My Heart are good enough to get on that list. ('You've got to believe, man!' Yeah. Of course you have.) I've written the bastard songs, I've just got to make them sound great now.

Well, I'll be practicing today. I need to put some new strings on my guitar. Hopefully, I'll record tonight, after dinner. Wish me luck. 'Good luck, Mikey!' Thanks, Voice.

[I'm getting nervous already, thinking about later. Maybe I should play some lead guitar. Strangely, even though I won't be playing lead on the recordings, the thought of playing riffs all over the shop is very calming. I guess I think if I can play lead as well as I can now, then rhythm should be a piece of piss. Let's see how it goes ...]


Anything else? There are no new funds, I'm afraid. Well, nothing exciting. Er ... / Oh, come back tomorrow for that shit, dear reader(s). It's Monday morning, for Christ's sake!

Music Update (7.15pm): My recording hasn't worked out (again). This is very frustrating because I have a great recording of a song from over two years ago, but nothing else to go with it yet. I'll just have to keep going and increase my practice hours even more. What a life, eh? I'm sure there are easier ways to live.