Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Man Group has bought some fund of hedge fund funds of fund thing

'Eh?' I don't know, Voice. Hedge fund of hedge funds fund. 'I think you mean the Merrill Lynch Alternative Investments' funds of hedge funds.' Whatever. But Man Group has bought it. More lovely AUM. It beats working for a living. You don't need to get investors interested in your stuff if you can just buy them.

Well, well ... I've got a bad feeling there isn't going to be much news for the next few weeks. It always happens, every Christmas. People are always letting me down. I do my job. Why can't they do their jobs?

Oh, more on the sanctions. It's a disgrace. This is why we have food banks. Not because poor people can't fucking budget or cook. 'Poor people. There's a clue there, boss.' Yes, Voice. They don't have any money. Their money has been stopped. / And don't listen to the idiots who are trying to blame the poor. 'Useful idiots!' These people are demons. They're literally working for the devil. However, God will punish them. You mark my words.


Music? I'm listening to The Beatles. Various songs from various albums on my media player. The early ones, mainly.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow, I'm going to make a BIG EFFORT to find some decent news for you, dear reader(s). And on Thursday. 'Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Mikey!' Yes. / I have to say I'm looking forward to taking a week off at Christmas. I need a break, man.

Guitar? I'm playing lead real nice these days. 'It's just a shame you don't need lead guitar on your demo, boss.' No. Just rhythm. / I was watching a bit of the Nowhere Boy film last night. The Lennon character is making a demo at the end while keeping his eyes on his fretting hand. 'Like you said yesterday, man!' Yeah. Yesterday. 'All your troubles seemed so far away.' Shut up.

Lunch? Soup. 'Soup?! Soup?!?! SOUP?!?!?!?!' No. Cheese sandwich. Oh, I had you going.

Anything else? Er ... / The Christmas tree is up. It looks nice. I'm getting in the mood.

Come back tomorrow.


One more thing. (I'm like Columbo!) There was an awful version of Hallelujah on X Factor on Saturday night. 'That song has been done to death, man.' Why don't they do Dress Rehearsal Rag for a change? Or Avalanche.

I'm listening to Cohen now. If he had've continued with the quality, style, and grandeur of his first three albums for the rest of his career, he would have been the best ever. The Picasso of song! (Which is what he once called Dylan, by the way.)