Monday, 8 December 2014

Rathbones Coombs is worried about investment returns next year because of the election

Dear old Rathbones, eh? He's not worried about people starving in this country, which even the Church of England has started to think about now. 'It must be serious, Mikey! I suppose the church wants the government to stop sanctioning people's benefits for no good reason.' Well ... no, Voice. The church wants supermarkets to give all the shit, mouldy food no one wants to eat to hungry people to eat. 'Let them eat mouldy cake!' Ha! Something like that. 'Well, a mouldy cake is better than a fascist stomping on your face forever, boss.' Yes, Voice. We're making progress in this wonderful society of ours.

What a strange name though! Mr Rathbones Coombs! Where do they find these people? 'Eton?' Maybe. I don't know, man. / Anyway, our Rath says ... Who cares?! It's Monday morning! Christmas is only two weeks away. / Christ. What's all the fuss about? Financial types shouldn't worry about politics interfering with their business. All governments support the banks. Remember, dear reader(s), that politicians don't work for the people. They work for the banks and corporations. Conservative, Labour ... it doesn't really matter. So, our Rathbones and his friends will be all right.


Music? I'm listening to Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon because he died thirty-four years ago today. (I was obsessed with Lennon when I was a teenager. And he was to blame for my giving up my dream to be a computer programmer. Thank God!) Where does the time go?

I've got a bad cold (again.) I've still got to play my guitar. Nothing gets in the way of that. / I have an idea about my recordings. I reckon I should keep my eyes on my fretting hand the whole time. You wouldn't do that in a concert, obviously, but no one knows or cares what you're doing when you're just recording. It's not an ideal or long-term solution, but I need to get my songs recorded, man, you dig? I can worry about playing properly later on. Besides, it's unlikely I'm going to try promoting myself as a potential recording artist. Being a songwriter will be enough for starters, and then later ... if anyone wants to talk me into a recording deal, they can. 'Good plan, Mikey!' Yeah. / If five years from now I'm established as a great songwriter and playing the guitar like Clapton, the world will be my lobster.