Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Laurent Constanty and Fabien Baetz?

Yeah, yeah ... / Yeah, this is interesting. Very interesting. These two ex-UBS guys, they're starting a new hedge fund. 'This week?!' Not yet! Not yet! After Christmas, right? Let's get Christmas out of the way first. 'Oh, all right.' Jesus. Yeah, er ... Laurent and Fabien are calling it the Reaching Value and Opportunities fund. 'Nice.' They're starting off small with $20 million, but most of that is their own money. 'Not other people's money? Is that smart, boss?' How many times have I got to tell you, Voice? Be patient. They'll be getting their hands on other people's money sooner or later. They're actually hoping for $100 million, you know. 'Ha! If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.' Where's your Christmas spirit, man? 'I could be the Ghost of Christmas Past for all you know, Mikey. Or the Ghost of - ' Ghosts?! I shit 'em! Don't talk to me about ghosts, Voice. I've had more than my fair share. 'All right. Let's get back to the very interesting hedge fund.' Well, it's Fabien Baetz who is interesting. 'Oh.' Yeah. I mean, I don't care too much about Laurent. I've looked at his LinkedIn profile, and it's packed full of information and that, but ... 'There's nothing exciting about him, I suppose.' No. He's just the ordinary finance type. 'Shame.' However, Fabien is fascinating. 'Why?' His LinkedIn profile just says ... Other. 'Other?! Is that it?' Yeah. You know what that means, don't you? 'He's a bit ...' No! He's not a bit, Voice! Not that's there anything wrong with being a bit ... This is the twenty-first century, for Christ's sake! 'Yeah.' No, he's ... other, yeah? 'Oh, I get you!' Yeah. He's out there, man! Gone, in the cosmos. 'Gone, in his mind, too, Mikey.' Probably, Voice. Our Fabien is other-worldly!


So, after lunch I'm going to get straight to work on a conceptual, No. 277. 'You're going to take Fabien for a spin?' Fuckin' A, I am! Let's have some fun!


Music? Well, I haven't got anything on yet. I'm not in the mood for the Phil Spector Christmas album. Er ... maybe some Chopin. 'Yeah!' The real Chopin, you dig? 'Oh.' Not that Donna Summer muck. I don't want disco this early in the day.

Lunch? 'Lunch?' Lunch.