Thursday, 18 December 2014

What's going on with Russia, man?!

Is Russia going to collapse into chaos? Is there going to be another worldwide financial crisis because of this rouble nonsense? Will there be a war? 'It'll be something to write about. It's an ill wind ...' This is all caused by politicians and their slaves in the media. No one in the elite is thinking of the average man and woman in the street. It will all end in tears, you mark my words.

And Putin? The problem with Putin is that he's not scared of America like everyone else is. David Cameron? Putin hardly notices Cameron. 'I doubt Putin even knows who Cameron is, boss.' Oh, are you still here, Voice? 'Yeah. / Is this RT? Where's Max?' Shut up, you idiot! I thought you were spending Christmas on the astral plane with your folks. 'Yeah, I am. I'm leaving tomorrow.' Okay. Well, give them my love, won't you? 'All right.' Are they still dead? 'Of course they are!' Well, that's the astral plane for you, I suppose.

Well, well ... er. / By the way, reader(s), I've only banned the astral plane for business/financial matters. 'Are you sure?' That's something I've never really been too clear about. You can still visit friends and relatives - if you have any there. 'As if!' They might, Voice. It's not all bankers and hedgies, you know. I get a lot of kooks. I mean, I get a lot of bankers and hedgies who are kooks, so ...

Stay away from the desert though, the astral desert. 'And the physical desert, Mikey.' That goes without saying, Voice.


Christmas! War is over - if you want it. Happy Christmas, Yoko. Happy Christmas, John.

I'm going to be taking a week off now, dear reader(s). I'll be back, er ... whenever. Watch this space. Or that space, over there. Or eat a mince pie. I don't care. It's your life. Just have a nice Christmas, yeah? Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Later(s), crocodile(s).