Thursday, 4 December 2014

More austerity?

The Conservatives are going to cut EVERYTHING if they get in again next year. God knows why they're called conservatives. Does anyone know what they conserve? 'They conserve their own positions, Mikey, and the positions of their friends.' Yes. That's it. And that's all. / 'What will Labour do?' I don't know. They need to forget their careers. Think of the people. But I don't trust anyone, man. Well, no politician.


Millions of new jobs. No wages. New jobs for new slaves!

Soon ... No protection. No security. / Anyone can lose their money, get sick ... / Demons with no empathy.

Oh, my only consolation is that when everything collapses, when the West collapses, there will be no place for the criminals to hide.

'Before it collapses though ...' Fascism, Voice. Police states. Oppression. The full George Orwell experience. Coming to a country near you, dear reader(s). Sleep tight!

And then ... Thunderdome, and beyond!


There's one thing we can do. 'Tell us!' Go to the pub! Run to the pub! 'What?!' Forget work, man. Forget your responsibilities. Forget your bills. Just get drunk. Be like me. Be like the Aviva Investors mob. Let it go. Let it all go! What did W.B. Yeats say?

All things fall and are built again
And those that build them again are gay.

Well, well ...