Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Are people still interested in gold?

Are they? I know that gold has been going down. It's only at $1,199 now. However, the great Max Keiser said on his TV show the other night: Gold has been money for six thousand years. / So ... I think it makes sense, dear reader(s), you know ... don't neglect gold, man. 'Well, boss, do you have any of your money in gold?' No, I don't, Voice. And for a very good reason. 'Oh. What's that?' I don't have any fucking money. 'Jesus! What a bum!' Yeah. The best I can do is invest in baked beans. 'Physical baked beans?' What? 'The actual baked beans themselves or -' Of course the actual baked beans! I'll be going to Morrisons later. I'll get some then.

[This isn't investment advice, by the way, reader(s). Read my terms and conditions.]


Well, that's all the finance you're getting. I'm not in the mood, and there isn't much news today, anyway.

Music? I'm listening to my three favourite tracks from the Layla album (Key to the Highway, Have You Ever Loved a Woman, and Layla). I've got them on repeat ... a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, as it were, or as ... it actually is, you dig?

My music? My music?! Oh, it all depends, son (daughter). I might go out today, in the cold, cold sunshine. Or I might stay in, change my guitar strings, practice for a few hours, and then try recording my songs tonight for about the millionth time.

Uh, it sounds bad, yeah, I know, but I'm staying positive, as always. My only consolation is: It's much harder to be a great songwriter than a great guitarist. / And I'm a great songwriter, I am very pleased to inform you, man (woman). Trust in me, and my judgement. And have a little faith, and say a little prayer for me. The guitar is only a matter of time. / Practice, practice, practice. And repetition, repetition, repetition ... is the mother of skill, so Tony Robbins says. Gotta keep going! ... a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, as it were. Yes!

[No. I'm not sure I'm up to it. I'll probably go out. Put it off until Sunday, yeah? It's weakness, but ...]

Oh, oh ... I was playing my Telecaster yesterday standing up (harder than sitting down) and I had a few Clapton moments. For thirty seconds or so. Just little bursts!


Political news? They are all corrupt.