Thursday, 19 February 2015

Is Mike Corcell based in North Carolina now?!

No! I don't believe it. I can't believe it. This LinkedIn profile has got to be one of those fake ones.

Ha! / 'I actually think it's very clever, boss. A smart move.' What do you mean, Voice? 'Well, if Mike and RWC Partners can convince everyone that he has relocated to the States, there'll be no trouble with people getting bitten in London.' Eh?! I don't understand. 'Listen, Mike's still in London, right?' Okay. 'Well, we know, during the day, he has to work, and manage his funds. So RWC keep him in his cage. But at night, I presume they're letting him out now so he can prowl around the streets and have his wicked way. However, if the authorities get in touch RWC can just deny it all.' Oh, I get you. Yeah, that is clever, man.

Very, very clever. / Bloody hell! RWC used to let him out at night, years ago. I can't believe they're doing it again. The fools! I did want him out, myself, at one point, but ... it's too risky, reader(s), you know? / Why oh why? Why?! Why?!?! 'Maybe it's been written into his contract.' What? 'Mike's done a new deal with them, Mikey.' Fuck! You might be right, Voice. Something like: I'll work for you forever, managing funds. But you must let me out, so I can feed!

I'll have to monitor the situation. If it turns bad, I'll have to step in and put a stop to it. / I really need this!