Monday, 2 February 2015

Lawrence Herzing has pleaded guilty

I was hoping that he might be innocent BECAUSE(!) ... er, I like to think the best of people. However, the ex-Contrarian Capital controller has admitted one count of wire fraud. He did take $9 million from the hedge fund, after all. ('I thought you said it was $12 million, boss.' I didn't say anything, Voice. I just report the news.) Oh dear, eh? Lawrence remains free at the moment, but in April he will be sentenced and may get as much as twenty years in prison. 'Christ!' Yeah. It's only money, man. I can't understand it.

The whole world has gone crazy! / This is in America, of course. In Britain, Lawrence would only have to do two hundred hours of community service. 'If that!' Well, we take a different view over here, don't we? If you're a young thug and you steal a bottle of water from a shop during a riot you can get two or three years inside. However, if you're a posh banker, and went to Eton or Harrow, have a few friends in government, and steal millions you ... probably won't get invited to any parties for a while. 'That seems fair, Mikey.' Until it all blows over, Voice.


Anything else? I watched about ten minutes of the Super Bowl last night. I had to turn it off though BECAUSE(!) ... I didn't know what the fuck was happening, you dig? It's a strange game. / I'd rather watch that Al Pacino film Any Given Sunday - which isn't about American football at all. 'What's it about then?' It's about life, man! Everyone in the film is trying to get themselves into a position of power, and they're either going up in the world or they're going down. 'It sounds fascinating.' It is, Voice. And there's a great motivational speech from Pacino as well.

Er ... anything else? No. Unless you have anything you want to say, dear reader(s). 'They're very quiet today, boss.' Never mind. 'Tell them about your lunch.' I can't. I haven't been to the shop yet. / I'll be having a sandwich of some kind ...