Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lewis Kaufman is working for Artisan Partners now

As a portfolio manager or something. (Over in America. San Francisco. Flowers in his hair.) Nice work if you can get it, I suppose. Lewis was at Thornburg Investment Management for close to ten years. He was a portfolio manager there as well. 'So he knows what he's doing then, boss.' Yeah, there shouldn't be a problem, Voice. These people I write about, they're all experts. They're not going to fuck up. And a lot of them have philosophy, you know.

Our Lewis has philosophy. I'm not sure what it is. 'I doubt very much that he's an existential outsider, like your good self, Mikey.' That doesn't matter, man. Not everyone can be like me.

See if you can dig this, dear reader(s): We focus exclusively on active, high value-added investment strategies where experienced investment professionals pursue superior results through a combination of original thinking and a disciplined approach. We have a strong philosophical belief in the autonomy of each of our investment teams. We provide each investment team with ample resources, Curly Wurlys, and support, without imposing a centralized research function. Each investment strategy is focused on an area that we believe provides opportunities to generate returns in excess of the relevant benchmarks.

'Is that those Artisan dudes?' Yeah. They have a strong philosophical belief, too. 'It seems our Lewis has landed on his feet.' Some guys have all the luck ...

Er ... / It goes without saying that I wish Mr Kaufman all the best. 'All the best, Mr Kaufman!' / You didn't need to say that, Voice.


Anything else? Well ... / Oh, I'm listening to Elvis Costello. Why is so emotional about everything?

I've got an egg sandwich for lunch. In case you're wondering, reader(s). I know you like to keep up with what I'm having. As if it's important. I don't know what your problem is.