Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Scott Phillips and Latimer Light Capital

Yeah, it's a new hedge fund. / When is the last time we had a new hedge fund, Voice? 'I don't know, boss. Last week?' It doesn't matter, man. I'm just happy we have one today. It's called Latimer Light Capital, and it's run by Scott Phillips. (But you know that already. You read the title of this post, didn't you?) 'It doesn't exist yet, Mikey.' What? 'The hedge fund. Not for another six months, at least. More pie in the sky!' It's not pie in the sky, man. Scott will get his shit together eventually. These things take time. He's like me with my demo. 'How did that go yesterday?' It didn't. I went out instead. And, er ... I've got a pain in my arm at the moment that stops me playing. 'You ... should get your shit together, boss.' I know, I know ...

Anyway, this Scott fellow. I'm looking at his LinkedIn profile. (Oh, I'm not a member of LinkedIn, so please no requests for friendship or anything weird like that, eh?) He was at Lone Pine Capital for nearly ten years, you know. 'Great!' Also, it seems he started his career at Goldman Sachs. He was there for two years. 'Really great!' Of course it is! A couple of years at Goldman can set you up for life. 'What went wrong with you then?' Well, I was only an unofficial consultant for Lloyd. Not even on the payroll. Lloyd gave me the money in brown paper bags. 'It was very hush-hush, wasn't it?' It had to be, Voice. Boy, some of the things I did for Lloyd! All the hits, and the curses ... I get ... 'Don't upset yourself, boss. Those days are over. You're free now.' Yeah. / I'm free now. Free as a bird!


Music? I went to HMV yesterday and bought Prince's 1999 album. It's very good. (I think Purple Rain is his only great album.) I like D.M.S.R. It's funky, you dig? Dance, music, sex, romance, everybody loosen up, shake it like you just don't care, etc. / I might do a song like that. 'Really?!' No.

Politics? Man, what's the point of voting Labour? They're just a nicer version of the Tories. They don't represent the people they're supposed to represent, so what's the fucking point? / I might not vote at all in May. 'Like Russell Brand?' / Revolution!!!

No. 289? Funky all a-ROUND!