Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kames Capital and the absolute return fund monster!

Monster?! Monster?! My God! Is there really a monster creating merry havoc at Kames Capital ... with its monstrous ways? No. I was just being dramatic to get you cats interested, you dig? / Er, yeah, what's happening is, Kames Capital is launching a new absolute return fund because the first one is too big now. 'It's massive!' Yes, Voice, it's a monster. (A figure of speech.) So, they've got this new one. Which is the way they want it. Well, they get it.

The Kames Absolute Return Global Bond fund. 'Is that what they're calling it, boss?' Obviously. / However, it hasn't launched yet. Give them a couple of months. 'Christ.'

Kames, Kames, Kames ... / Guess what! 'What, Mikey?!' They've got philosophy, man, Kames Capital. 'Wow!' Oh, I love these firms with philosophy, dear reader(s). I think it separates them from all the slags, do you know what I mean?

Their investment philosophy encourages them to be:

More agile - As active managers they seek to add maximum value for their investors by running high-conviction portfolios. They're also more decisive, focusing on what matters and implementing decisions quickly (as long as their chakras and auras are in good shape).

More shamanic - While they are quite fond of stars, they don't have a "star" culture with nutters praying to the sun god. They have a culture of spinning a-ROUND and getting all DIZZY(!) that they believe leads to better investment decisions.

More flexible - They're style neutral (they have no style) and look for opportunities to deliver returns across all market conditions, rather than tying themselves to a single investment style, such as value, growth or ... whatever. Who cares?

More irresponsible - Eating ice cream in the park on a sunny day is not just bad "corporate citizenship", they actually enjoy it.

[Just like the Aviva Investors mob with that last one. Good luck to them!]


Music? I'm listening to Stepping Out: The Very Best of Joe Jackson. / Hits? Well, well ... this is something I find a lot with greatest hits collections. There are three "classics" and the rest of the songs are ... all right, I suppose. I mean, high quality songwriting in this case (better than a lot of artists, our Joe) but just not classics. Except the three - which are, for your information, Is She Really Going Out With Him, It's Different For Girls, and Steppin' Out. / I'm just glad I've got three "classics" for my demo. Yeah, man, MY DEMO(!). Big time. Watch this space (for another year or two)!