Thursday, 12 February 2015

I hope you've enjoyed my two HSBC posts this week

'Three now, boss!' Yes, thank you, Voice! (What an intern, eh? He can count as well!) / The truth is, dear reader(s), you won't find in-depth analysis like this anywhere else on the internet. 'Thank God!' I get to the heart of the matter: futility.

There's just no point in anything. There's especially no point in getting upset about the world. 'Tax avoidance?!' It's normal, Voice, apparently. 'Yeah, everyone does it, boss. In certain circles.' Ah! Certain circles. The elite. The one per cent.

Where are the torches?! Where are the pitchforks?! 'Stop the world, Mikey!' Yes. We want to get off. / Never mind, son. I haven't got the energy for revolution.

[These are my words. There are other words. These are my words. What do you want from me?]

I'm tired. 'A man who is tired of blogging is tired of life.' Well, I'm tired of life, man. / Is it going to rain tomorrow? I want to go to the pub ... but not in the pouring rain. Lord, give us sunshine!

If I were a rich man ... / Corruption and immorality never go out of fashion. Ancient Rome? Nothing changes.

Sorry. I'm not making any sense, reader(s). And I haven't had a drink. Oh, I'm tired. And I'm angry.

[The people in the street won't stop talking. What is their problem? If they want a debate, can't they go indoors?]

Never mind ... / Laters!