Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Will Himanshu Gulati be working with the Man guys or the GLG guys?

In his new job. I think we should be told. 'Who's going to tell us, Mikey? We're on our own over here.' It's important, son. They are very different experiences. If he's going to be working with those God-awful boring robot/computer squares at Man Group, he's going to have a terrible time of it, believe me - unless he's a robot square himself. However, if he's going to be working with all the groovy and cool shaman cats at GLG, I reckon - 'Boss, it all depends, doesn't it? We don't know what kind of man this Himanshu Gulati is.' Well, Voice, I'm hoping he's the decent sort, yeah? A great soul like us. (Well, me, anyway.) I'm hoping he knows about the blood and the fire.

Jesus. The blood and the fire ... the passion! Money burns. And it sticks. 'And it stinks!' Shut up! / Uh ... / Of course, my dear reader(s), there is knowing and there is feeling, ain't there? I bet quite a few of the Man guys know (from reading my blog). But what do they feel, eh? What do they actually FEEL(!!!)? 'That type don't have any feelings.' Ha! Yeah, that's what worries me, Voice. Fucking computers! Oh, never mind. / More, more, more ... let me think. Er ... / Ah! Our Himanshu will be hanging out in New York. 'Nice!' Head of something. He's going to be managing a new distressed hedge fund, er, probably. Each to their own ... / It takes all sorts to make a world. 'Ain't that the truth!' Yes. Yes, it is the truth, unfortunately.


Music? Guitar? Electric? I came up with a real rocking riff on my Telecaster last night. I'm starting to get more melodic, you know, instead of following the scales too closely all the time. Acoustic? I tried recording my song You're Lying last night. The vocals were off, and there were the usual background noises (wankers in the street), but I played my guitar without making any mistakes - and without thinking, really. So ... progress, I suppose.

Music? 'Again?' Music I'm listening to? I haven't got anything on yet. I fancy some ... Psychocandy. 'You'll ruin your appetite, Mikey. Don't forget your cheese sandwich.' Yeah, yeah ... 'Yeah?' Yeah.