Monday, 16 February 2015

The SEC charges a werewolf with fraud

Apparently, the werewolf had a hedge fund and allegedly stole money from his investors. / Well, well ... this is like something from my blogging in 2007. Back in those days, I often wrote stories (a lot of them deleted now) about zombies, vampires and werewolves working in finance. Then I lost interest and moved on to other stuff. The point is, I wasn't wrong. I wasn't talking shit. There are more things in heaven and earth, dear reader(s), than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Take a read of this -

The SEC alleges that the werewolf falsely claimed to be operating a hedge fund with approximately $100 million in assets under management, and he solicited investors with promises of consistently high returns. Although he raised $840,774 from investors, his fund never made real investments and never held more than $90,177 in assets as the werewolf continually withdrew the cash and spent it as his own. Despite repeated demands from investors for the return of their money, the werewolf has flatly refused or delayed the bulk of their redemption requests. He allegedly went so far as to create a fictitious fund employee who sent one investor an e-mail claiming that the werewolf had died.

Ha! Died! Shot with a silver bullet, no doubt.


That's enough, reader(s). You can't revisit the past. It's another country or something. If the SEC wants to chase after werewolves and rainbows, so be it! I'm frying different fish ...

Music? I'm listening to Prince's Around the World in a Day. Not bad. Pop Life is my favourite track.

My music? Guitar? Ten thousand hours?! Oh, it takes ten thousand hours to master anything, so I've heard. Well, this last year I've played close to nine hundred hours (I've been counting). I wish I could do more. It's an improvement though. In previous years? Only around two hundred hours.

When I was younger ... 'Ah, the apple trees, blossoms in the breeze' ... er, yeah, I played the piano for two or three hours a week, and I was pretty good after a year. Piano is much easier. You see the keys, yeah? You plonk your fingers down on the keys, and you get a nice noise. Simple!

The guitar is tough on the fingers, and it's hard to get a decent sound out of it. YOU NEED TONE! All the masters have their own tone. That riff I wrote the other week? Well, I recorded it - and it sounded cool, man, you dig?! (I might use it as a bonus track on my demo.) I'm definitely making progress.