Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Greeks?

You know what, dear reader(s)? I reckon we should let the Greeks have all the money they want. And just forget their debts, yeah? Life is too short. Let the Germans worry about it if they want to. The problem with the Germans is, they work too hard. What's that all about, eh? I mean, what motivates them? It's much better to take it easy. Life is for living.

And that's why I'm not reporting any "news" in my final post of the week. I've told you what I think of the Greeks and the Germans, and that should be enough for you. (How much am I charging you for this shit? Nothing!) Yeah, they're just my opinions, as good or as bad as anyone else's.


I'll be going to the pub tomorrow, as long as I don't have a migraine.

Guitar? I haven't played much this week because of my arm, but it's better now. From Sunday I'm going to start heavy practice, man, you dig? I want to get up to Prince's level. That's a decision I've made and I don't care what it takes. And it won't be work, if that's what you're thinking. This blog is work. Guitar is play.

Anyway, see you next week, crocodile(s). 'Are you meeting up with your readers, Mikey?!' I mean, in cyberspace, Voice, as my angel keeps saying. 'Does she?!' Yeah. She's mad for it. 'Well, it's not the astral plane, but okay.' / Laters ...