Thursday, 16 June 2016

Carl Meyer has got $500 million for his Silver Rock Onshore Opportunistic Credit fund!

[Give me a moment ... / I've run out of coffee. I like tea, but not first thing in the morning with nothing to eat. Now I'm drinking tea!]

Anyway, Silver Rock. $500 million! I think it only took him a month to raise the money, too. 'Well, his mate Michael Milken has put some cash in, boss.' Yes, Voice, we don't know how much though. By the way, Mr Meyer used to run Mr Milken's family, dear reader(s). 'Er ... what do you mean, boss? He was the au pair or something?! That's crazy!' Christ! I mean, family office. I haven't woken up yet. 'Oh, okay.' Yeah, his family office.

Er ... uh, the firm is called Silver Rock Financial LP. It's based in Los Angeles. I don't know too much about it, no one does. It's a new firm, so ... 'Let's just see how things develop.' Well, I won't be keeping an eye on it, Voice. I've actually got better things to do, you know? 'Have you recorded your song yet?' Not yet, no.

I'm a bit distracted at the moment, reader(s). It's a good job I did most of my writing at the beginning of the week. I've got another PR thing, uh, email, to do tonight. 'They really should pay you for that.' Ha! No, I'm a humanitarian, man. Everything I do comes from the heart, you dig? I'm sure I'll get my reward in the afterlife.

Obviously, it goes without saying that I wish our Carl all the best with this ... Silver Rock. I imagine he knows what he's doing, anyway. Mr Milken will keep an eye on him.


Anything else? I ain't discussing no referendum shit again, not even if the country descends into anarchy next week. It's got nothing to do with me, man. If you spend all of your precious time thinking about politics, left-wing, right-wing, conservative, socialist, bullshit ... you ain't thinking about personal stuff, about yourself, yeah? And that suits a hell of a lot of people in this world BECAUSE ... they have NO SOUL, NO SPIRIT. Okay? I'm telling you: These losers don't have lives, they have outside interests. And anything "outside" is bullshit. Take it from me. 'Jesus, Mikey!' That's it.