Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Vikram Kumar wants the TT Long-Short Focus fund all to himself

Vikram Kumar? Have you heard of Vikram Kumar, dear reader(s)? I have. [Er ... about five minutes ago.] Apparently, he's a fund manager at TT International. 'TT International, boss?' That's what I said, Voice.

TT International is a high-alpha specialist, offering a range of long-only and hedge fund strategies designed to meet clients' investment objectives. Founded in 1988, it has over 20 years' experience of conviction investing for a globally diverse institutional client base.

They're based in London, too. 'Nice.' And it's their fund, this TT Long-Short Focus thing. But Mr Kumar is going to take it away from them. 'Oh, how do the TT guys feel about this?' They don't mind. They're going to have a stake in it. All's well that ends well. They're one of these firms with a philosophy ...

We believe that best decisions result when respected professionals are encouraged to constructively challenge each other's ideas but where an individual accepts ultimate accountability for a portfolio and its performance.

You see? [Does that make sense?] Our Vikram is going to take the most ultimate accountability of all. I can only wish him the very best of luck. 'Has he burnt his boats?' Oh, I hope so, Voice. And I imagine he will be taking massive action when he launches his new firm. Like me, yesterday. 'You, yesterday?' Yes. 'What did you do yesterday?' Well, when I realized my new guitar strings weren't up to the job of recording my song - my precious best song - I immediately went on to Amazon and ordered an even better and more expensive set of strings with the special one-day delivery service. 'That's hardly in the same league as Vikram, Mikey.' Hang on a minute, man! The old me would have spent days worrying about the strings and wondering what to do. Should I buy some new expensive strings? Should I stick with the strings I've got? Maybe they'll sound better after I've played them a bit. But - NO, man! I took massive action (for me).


Anything else? Politics? 'Christ!' Oh, Christ! I don't want to write about the referendum BECAUSE(!) ... the whole thing fucking sickens me, frankly. However, Polly Toynbee in the Guardian says she wants her country back. And I have to agree with her, you know? Let's get back to being [reasonably] civilized, normal, calm. The way we were only a few weeks ago. I don't want to see this country changed beyond all recognition by a man who would be better off running the membership committee of some provincial golf club. 'A golf club in the 1950s, too.' Yeah. / And that's my last word on the matter.