Thursday, 9 June 2016

Juggernaut Capital Partners III LP closes!

Uh, as one fund closes, another fund opens ... ? I don't know. Maybe. 'Is Juggernaut Capital Partners going out of business, boss?' Don't be ridiculous, Voice! They're just closing their third fund because they've raised enough money for it. 'Oh.' More than enough, actually. They only wanted $350 million, but somehow ended up with $380 million. / Of course, if I were running the firm, I would have gone for $500 million, or even a billion. But I'm the ambitious type, you know? Not everyone can be like me. Not everyone has the balls for it.

Er ... Juggernaut Capital Partners? Well ...

Juggernaut Capital Partners ("JCP")* was formed in early 2009 to build on the principals' successful, focused investment approach by targeting middle market companies primarily in the business services and consumer products industries where our investment professionals have extensive knowledge and experience. JCP differentiates itself from competing firms through its demonstrated ability to source transactions on a proprietary basis, and its proven record of building stronger and more operationally efficient businesses, and by being a bit "kooky". Our goal is to be an involved, value-added investor and strategic partner to the management teams and other stakeholders of our portfolio companies.

*Not to be confused with JCP Liquid Antiseptic Original. Soothes pain, fights infection. For sore throats, mouth ulcers, cuts, grazes, bites, stings, boils, spots and pimples. 'Er ... you mean TCP, boss!' Yes, Voice, that's exactly what I mean!

Over in America somewhere, this firm. Obviously, I wish them all the best. It's a shame that they couldn't go for the billion. 'But not everyone can be like you, Mikey!' No. Which is a good thing. I don't like competition!


Anything else? No. I'll be doing a PR email later tonight. Come back then - if that's what floats your boat.