Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Pine River Fixed Income fund is closing!

And $1.6 billion will be returned to investors, soon. Why? Well, its manager, Steve Kuhn, has had enough. He wants to wander the earth now and do good deeds. I take my hat off to him! 'What firm is this, boss?' Pine River Capital Management, Voice, based in Minnesota - the home of the late, great Prince.

Pine River Capital Management LP is a global alternative asset management firm founded on the values of intellectual honesty, uncompromising improvement and pursuing common purpose with our clients and partners.

'Nice.' Oh, there's more, man.

Is there a better way? [You bet your ass there is!] It's a question that still reverberates in every decision we make. We don't rest on our last victory. We never give up in the face of adversity. We continue to have the intellectual honesty and work ethic that enable us to challenge our own ideas and actions every day. We are wholly devoted to seeking something more for our clients, our business partners and ourselves.

Of course there's a better way! 'Your way, Mikey!' Maybe, Voice. I don't want to boast. However, the way of the financial shaman has been wonderful for me so far. 'Are they shamans, the Pine River lot?' I don't know. I think they have a "Tony Robbins" attitude though. If they can't find a way, they will make a way - like the guy with the elephants. 'Eh? What guy with the elephants?' Hannibal Lecter. 'Are you sure?!' Yes, pretty sure.


Anything else? Music? I'm listening to Up the Bracket by The Libertines. And I've downloaded What A Waster and added it as the thirteenth track - I mean, it is the thirteenth track on some "special" editions, anyway.

And it's a super-cool song, man! When I first heard it in The Football Factory I thought it was some obscure Jam B-side - although, obviously, it's a classic and too good for a B-side, you dig?