Thursday, 23 June 2016

Caroline Gibson has gone to Resmark!

Yes, it's the Thursday morning PR email, back by popular demand.

Los Angeles, the city of angels - The Resmark Companies, a leading private equity firm specializing in U.S. real estate investment, has named Caroline Gibson as Director of U.S. and International Investor Relations. She will lead a new initiative to develop a coalition of U.S. and international institutional investors to augment Resmark's current investor base.


"Over the past decade Caroline has advised U.S., European and Middle East institutional investors, major real estate companies, banks, endowments and sovereign wealth funds on establishing operations in Europe and the United Kingdom," said Robert N. Goodman, Resmark Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "She is a trusted advisor to top level executives of these organizations, counseling them on cultural and business customs as well as identifying and hiring appropriate local talent to grow their businesses."

Nice one!

Ms. Gibson will also engage with the emerging manager community to support Resmark's program for investing with and mentoring small real estate managers on behalf of institutional investors. She will work with academic institutions, industry associations and other sector constituents to enhance Resmark's presence in the emerging manager space, including identifying prospective emerging managers that bring diversity and fresh thinking to the field of institutional investing.

And that's all I need to know. Obviously, I wish Caroline all the best with her new job. 'Er ... what about the interview, boss?' Ha! Oh, I've been asked, dear reader(s), if I want an interview with Ms Gibson. Man, I want a date with her! [You haven't seen her picture in the email. Wow! 'Don't be sexist, Mikey!' Shut it, you ponce!]