Monday, 13 June 2016

Crestline Investors is closing its Crestline Opportunity Fund III - again!

I think. I don't know. I don't actually understand how this shit works, to be honest with you, dear reader(s). 'What's the problem, boss?' Well, let's get some idea of this firm first ...

Crestline Investors, Inc., founded in 1997 and based in Fort Worth, Texas, is an institutional alternative investment management firm. Crestline and its affiliated management team have approximately $9.8 billion of assets under management. Crestline provides attractive risk-adjusted returns for sophisticated asset owners. The firm uses its credit expertise and innovative products to pursue value creation in global markets. 

'Okay.' They have this fund, you see. The Crestline Opportunity Fund III. And from what I can gather they've closed it a few times but keep opening it again. 'Why?!' I presume they want more money, which is good, but - 'Why don't they keep it open all the time, forever, man, and just watch the money roll in?' Exactly! That's what I would do. No limits! They've got $720 million so far. 'That's not a billion, boss.' Of course it ain't! We want to see one billion, two billion, three billion ... / Let's keep going, guys, you dig?


It's frustrating, seeing it ... / It ain't just a lack of ambition. It's fear. You've got to overcome your fears, all of you, whatever you're involved in. Look at your life, reader(s). Is everything as great and as wonderful as it could be? Are you pushing yourself? What do you think Tony Robbins would do in your situation?

My new song? Forget about it! Yeah, it's finished, and I'm pleased with it. However, I abandoned it three times. THREE TIMES!!! And then went back to work on it. 'Well, that's what the Crestline guys are doing, boss.' Maybe, Voice, maybe. I'll just say that $720 million ain't a billion, that's all.

Music? I’m listening to The Best of Sam & Dave. It makes a nice change. I haven't listened to this album in years. I particularly like the song You Don't Know What You Mean to Me.

Uh, my song? (I haven't recorded it yet. There's no rush.) It's the "big" song I wanted and needed. Jesus Christ himself can't touch me now. / Er ... this is my last music update, by the way. 'Ha!' I'm serious, man. My demo will be finished soon. Four songs. After that, I just gotta keep going, you dig?