Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Parthenon Capital Partners has raised $1 billion for its Parthenon Investors V

Yeah, $1 billion for a new fund. And Parthenon - based in Boston and San Francisco - only wanted $850 million. Well done, guys! 'But they closed at $1 billion, boss. Couldn't they have got more?' Oh, you can always get more. Always. The problem is, some of these firms have a communist mentality. 'What?! Surely not!' They don't like money, Voice. It's the truth. / So, er ... Parthenon Capital Partners?

Parthenon Capital Partners ("Parthenon" or "PCP") is a private equity firm that partners with and invests in management teams and their companies. We take a research-driven approach within our core sectors where we have substantial operating and investment experience. We work collaboratively with management teams to create value by building market leaders and accelerating earnings growth through both acquisitive and organic strategies. We believe our specialization and focus allows us to better understand key issues, risks and opportunities and provide relevant resources and insights.

Er ... PCP? That's angel dust, isn't it? 'Yes, it is.' Well, never mind. I'm sure they know what they're doing. 'Maybe it helps them get through the working day, boss.' Yeah, maybe. We shouldn't judge them, Voice.


Anything else? Not really. 'Have a look through your PR emails.' Uh, I'll do that tomorrow. Maybe I should start charging these people for all the wonderful free publicity I keep giving them. 'Yeah, I mean they would pay, wouldn't they, to get the pissed ripped out of them by a deranged shaman and his invisible friend?' Well, you never know. It's a funny old world, man.

Music? I'm listening to Bleach by Nirvana again. I read somewhere that the album only cost $600 to record, which I find rather disturbing. 'Why, man?' Well, it was recorded in 1989. That's the same year I recorded a three-track demo with a professional musician/producer who charged me £400. So ... he did a lot of good work though. I can't complain, really.*

Ah, never mind. 'No, Bleach, Mikey.' No, never mind. 'Oh.' / Laters.

*[I don't recommend these demo services, anyway. They show off the skills of the professionals more than the skills of the person/band who wants to get a deal. / The best thing is to do it by yourself. I'm a much better guitarist now. I recently recorded myself improvising some lead guitar against a blues backing track. I can't put it online because the backing track is copyrighted, but(!) ... my playing is in the same league as Clapton's on the Layla album. Probably only an expert could tell the difference, man, you dig? Obviously, Clapton has much better all-round skills, and I need to be able to do it consistently. Give me more time!]