Thursday, 2 June 2016

Centtrip has been talking to a bunch of liars, man!

Yes, it's the Thursday night PR email, back by popular demand. See if you can dig this, dear reader(s) -

New research from global currency business Centtrip, reveals that 1.22 million people claim to be earning over £100,000 a year, and there are 235,000 individuals who say they are being paid £200,000 or more. Some 47,000 people say they are earning over £1 million a year.

Do you dig it? I don't. This is the United Kingdom they’re talking about, where nearly everyone is on the dole or on the sick and has to go to food banks just to survive, for Christ's sake! 'Oh, come on, boss. There must be a couple of people doing well, somewhere.' Yes, a couple, Voice, but not 1.22 million! Earning over £100,000 a year? I just don't believe it. 'But what does Tony North say?' Who?! 'Tony North, boss.' Never heard of him! 'Christ!'

Tony North, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Centtrip, said: "There is a growing number of mass affluent, high net worth and ultra-high net worth people living in the UK. This is being fuelled by more UK citizens reaching this milestone, but also a growing number of people in this category coming to live in this country - in particular London - from overseas."

Oh, I understand. Russian gangsters. 'It all makes sense now!' Ha! Why didn't they say that at the beginning of the email?

Well, that's settled then, dear reader(s). And ... it's the end of another week. 'Yippee! Pub tomorrow?' Maybe.