Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mark Denham has joined Carmignac

For reasons best known to himself. Jesus! I don't know what's going on, reader(s). I mean, it's the middle of the summer season, for God's sake! 'Eh? What's all this about, boss?' Mark Denham is/was a "fund manager" at Aviva Investors, Voice. 'Oh.' Everyone's in the park now, even though the weather ain't great yet. (I'm sure it will get better.) Our Mark should be eating ice cream with the rest of the gang, but ... 'He's gone to Carmignac.' Yeah. I can't understand it.


The European adventure began in 1999 with the opening of a subsidiary in Luxembourg. Carmignac funds are currently distributed in 12 European countries including Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Er, well, a single challenge from the outset: identify opportunities and sources of growth all around the world while managing risks. How? Christ! Our fund managers and analysts, with 10 different nationalities and unique international experience, apply active management to generate performance on nearly 50 financial marketplaces worldwide.

So ... 'It sounds like a great firm, boss.' It is a great firm, Voice. But why would anyone want to leave Aviva Investors?! 'Well, Carmignac has made our Mark the head of its European equities team.' Yes, but he had a similar position at Aviva Investors. 'Ha! Come on, Mikey, man. We all know what goes on at that place.' Yeah.

Uh, nothing goes on. NOTHING goes on. Only fun, of course. Are they turning against fun now? Why couldn't Mark wait until the autumn, or winter? 'Then he would miss the pub season. Face it, boss, Mr Denham is one of these terrible workaholics.' NO! I refuse to believe that.

I just refuse!

Ah, let's change the subject. I - 'By the way, have you seen the picture of Chris Murphy on the Aviva Investors website?' What? 'He's the global head of equities.' Yes, I know, Voice, he looks like Jack Nicholson. The same features, the same derangement in the eyes. Very amusing.


Let's change the subject, please. / Music? I screwed up on the guitar strings, dear reader(s). I thought I was getting some fancy strings with a special space-age resophonic coating, but ... I wasn't. What I was getting was strings for a resonator guitar, for the love of Christ! I've never even heard of such guitars. (Apparently, the guitar on the cover of Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms is a resonator.) So ... I've got even more strings coming today, man. Medium Martins, 80/20 bronze. I normally use lights, but I need a better sound now.