Monday, 27 June 2016

Yippee! Crispin Odey can buy a new hot air balloon

It's all right for some, ain't it? Crispin made a fortune out of Brexit. Hundreds of millions, I think. 'Will he fly away in his beautiful new balloon, boss?' I'm not sure we're that lucky, Voice. He'll probably stick around. There could be more money lying on the ground today. All you've got to do, dear reader(s), is pick it up.


Er ... actually, I have some questions about the referendum result -

Why did Boris Johnson and Michael Gove look so miserable and scared on Friday? And why aren't they taking charge now? Are they getting cold feet because they realize they're going to be the rulers of the Waste Land?

Why is Daniel Hannan saying that mass immigration will continue? And is Nigel Farage happy about this?

When are all these exciting new trade deals going to be completed? Or even begun?

London voted to remain in the EU. Why should it continue to bankroll the oldy worldly fantasies of the rest of England?

How come the NHS isn't going to get that extra money?

If Scotland - as looks likely - leaves the Union, in what sense have we got our country back?

Sinn Fein want a referendum now. Who's going to tell them that they can't have one? And then what will happen?

Why do the Brexiters think the other EU countries should play nice? They owe us some favours, do they?

Are we supposed to believe that businesses want to invest in countries that are in a state of chaos? How's Somalia coming along?

If the Brexiters have such a hard-on for the past, is there any particular reason why they can't just buy a box set of Foyle's War from Amazon?

Finally: What's the fucking plan?