Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bank of England determined to push inflation up

Oh, determined! It is absolutely determined. Have they gone insane at the Bank of England?! Inflation is already up to 5.2 per cent. Yes, the consumer price index, whatever. But still the Bank of England insists that it must print more money. More, more, more! Have they lost their minds? This isn't pre-war Germany. We don't want gangs of paramilitary thugs roaming the streets, waving flags and burning books. This has got to stop! [I know the Nazi nutjobs came later, but that's where it all starts - inflation!] Gold will hit $10,000 an ounce. That's my prediction.

We can't trust what anyone is telling us. Anyone and everyone's a liar. The real inflation figure must be 10 to 20 per cent. However, I'm not worried. I have thousands of tins of baked beans stored in my spare room. Actually, they can burn the books. What do I care? I'm a man of the future. As long as they don't burn the blogs, I'll be all right.


It's so easy to get carried away. I look out of my window. There’s no chaos, no mayhem. And the sun is shining. I'm such a drama queen.

But that's what they want at the Bank of England. Those demons have arranged the sunshine. I know it. Nice autumn sunshine. No one will care. No one will panic.

Things will look different tonight. Though I could be in one of my moods, psychotic. It's so hard to tell. Does reality change, or do I change?