Tuesday 18 October 2011

Damien Bombell wants $200 million for his hedge fund

Damien Bombell has a fast lifestyle. He has it all. Girls on tap, the lot. When his career brings him to London, he falls in love with the quintessentially English Chantelle Houghton. Life seems perfect, until he uncovers a clue to the biggest financial scandal ever to rock the international markets. Suddenly thrust into a world where he can trust almost no one, where his enemies seem to know his next move before he does ... No, I've got it all wrong. My apologies. I don't know what comes over me sometimes. Maybe I've been reading too much cheap fiction. No, Damien Bombell is an ex-JPMorgan Chase trader who has launched a Swiss-based hedge fund, Strand Asset Management - [has he?] And there's this Strand Global Macro fund [yes!] which he wants $200 million for. Assets under management, you know the deal. Apparently, Damien has a penchant for trade metals, grains, and energy.

[There seems to be some confusion about where Damien Bombell is, physically, and where his hedge fund is based. But the confusion is in my mind only. The Strand Global Macro fund is not the same thing as Strand Asset Management (something to do with a portfolio or a family of hedge funds) so it might not be in Switzerland. It might be in London, for all I know. So it's quite possible that Damien is involved with this Chantelle woman. And he could have enemies who are out to get him. Does life seem perfect?]

You can't have a perfect life. I should know. Is Damien arrogant enough to believe he can have one? I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. My advice for Damien? He should focus on his work and forget about the women. Forget about his enemies, too. He needs that $200 million. I'm sure he'll get it. 'If you will it, it is no dream.'