Thursday, 13 October 2011

Who is John A. Thaler?

I think John A. Thaler might be the one who's mixed up in all that JAT Capital Management hedge fund stuff that has been doing so well lately. Up 31 per cent in a year or something. It's all longs and shorts things, apparently. The long stuff was a mess. The short stuff, though, was all right. What a way to make a living! I'm glad I'm not involved in any of it.

But it's nice work if you can get it, I suppose. No, it's not for me, but I know a lot of people like this hedging stuff. Well, most of the people I've written about over the years. I'm not knocking it, but I'll stick to the songwriting - if I can ever get started, that is. Some good news: I won't have to spend £200 (or more) on a Tascam portable recording studio now. I downloaded some free software last night which will enable me to record on my laptop. I need to buy a USB microphone, £40 or so, but that's it, or will be it, I'll be sorted.

I know I've been losing my grip on the financial news lately, but I'll get back to it properly, soon. I'm going through a funny phase at the moment. You'll have to bear with me. (We've got all the time in the world, haven't we?) Making a living from finance/banking is one thing, but the pain and sheer fucking tedium of writing about it is something else. I don't want to be like all those squares who just go on day after day after fucking day. Charts, figures, whatever. Do you understand? And that's why I'm getting back into songwriting, after twenty years, because I need the money. (I could have signed a deal with the old songs, and they were wack. Well, not wack, just not commercial.) The money will set me free, in my general life, yes, but in my writing too. I'm serious about those billboards, you know. It all depends on how much I can make from my songs, but ideally I would like to put about £500,000 into marketing this blog. For starters, anyway. I'm serious! This isn't a joke. It's going to take time, yes, but no longer than five years. Let's be honest, people only respect power. No one actually wants you to succeed. Do you think Pompey was happy when his "friend" Julius Caesar invaded Gaul with his [Pompey's] legions and massively expanded the Roman empire? Of course he wasn't! Later on there was that civil war. The squares back in Rome couldn't resist testing Caesar. So Pompey got smashed all over Pharsalos. 'This is what they wanted; after such great deeds I, Gaius Caesar, would have been condemned had I not sought the help of my army.' It was his army by then. You see? And don't think, dear reader, that none of this applies to you. I'm talking about human nature here, you understand? Human fucking nature. And it isn't a laughing matter. Your boss doesn't want you to succeed. And the lovely character sitting next to you at work doesn't want you to succeed. Maybe I'm too fucking cynical, but I've lived a life. So have you - I hope. Come on, man, you know all this, surely? I don't have stupid readers. But maybe I'm fucked up. Maybe I'm sick. It's money that fucks you up, that makes you sick. You can have too much, or too little. Even enough is not enough.

Oh, one more thing: obviously, I want my angel to be editor of the whole shebang. But you really have to love someone to want the best for them like that. Everyone else, forget about it. They can all get to fuck. I'm sick of it. Laters.