Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Salida Capital will not collapse

And it won't blow up either. People are getting too, too, too hysterical. So Salida Capital has been having a difficult time in the markets. Big deal. Lots of hedge funds have been having a difficult time in the markets. This is a difficult time. Everybody sees the volatility. Very few bodies see the mystical forces behind the volatility.

The chief executive, Courtenay Wolfe, is quite a nice-looking woman. I am not worried at all. She's well-qualified. And Salida Capital takes an active, opportunistic management style when investing in private, small, mid and large cap resource companies. (Well, you've got to, haven't you?) I'm pretty sure it will all work out. I'm not the sort who panics easily. It's true that everybody sees the volatility. But I see the mystical forces behind the volatility.

I'm just very calm at the moment. I'm hoping I'll be able to stay this way for the rest of the year. I need my intensity to write great posts [obviously!] but I've written enough great posts for now. My astrologer says I'll live to be ninety or so. There's plenty of time. I've got to pace myself. I don't want to burn out. And I don't want to fade away. Courtenay knows what I'm talking about. She says Salida Capital isn't going anywhere. Meaning - I presume - the hedge fund isn't sinking beneath the waves of our reality. She must want it to go somewhere. To grow, and grow, and grow. To reach the heights! To fly high in the friendly sky - to paraphrase Marvin. You've got to be ambitious, or what's the point?

I’m breaking my rules again. The Three Cs. All the other stuff. I don't care. I'm relaxed. This is my New Morning phase. (Dylan.) And talking of music, I'm going to write six classic pop songs before Christmas. That's my target. The best three will go on a demo. It will take it out of me, I know that. I haven't written a song since the early Nineties. However, music was always easy for me, and I have greater word-power now. I just need the energy, and the discipline.