Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Verrazzano Capital

That's the name he's come up with for his new hedge fund. Dear oh dear. Couldn't Guillaume Rambourg think of anything better than that? Naming a hedge fund after your favourite fucking bridge! I've heard it all now. Why didn't he call me?

And where the hell is Roger Guy? I thought they were bosom buddies. Have they had a falling out?

I'm always the last one to know. I could have sat them down and discussed everything with them. I was only going to charge them £20,000 a day. That's not a lot, is it? Not for men who are literally made of money. I reckon Roger didn't like the name. He would have been happier with The Roger Guy Experience, no doubt. But I could have dreamed up a name that would have pleased both of them.

Well, you go cheap, and you get a name like Verrazzano. So be it.