Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Longacre Fund Management is closing its big hedge funds ...

... and devoting itself to the smaller funds it manages. I think that's a good idea, in the present climate. Small is beautiful, after all. Sometimes I dream of being so small and - no, invisible is better. If only John Brecker, Vladimir Jelisavcic, and Steven Weissman could make themselves invisible. That would be something to see. I'd join them. Yes, I've been invisible in my astral body before. But in your physical body! That would be something to see.

They say that Longacre uses fundamental research and analysis to identify attractively priced investments of companies that have filed for bankruptcy or are under severe financial stress. I wouldn't know about that, of course. All I know is, if no one could see Longacre doing what it does, it would be something to see. Not that anyone ...

Only in a vision would anyone have any idea. Oh, I hope the Longacre boys leave the world behind. They can walk through it, yes, touching people, occasionally, but, well, they would be here and not here. It's hard to explain. No! They must leave their physical bodies! Physical invisibility is not enough! [Is this a return to astral values? I don't know. I'm torn between two realities.] No. No. No. Let's forget the whole thing. Let's start making sense, if we can. Small is beautiful. There is no need for the funds to be invisible. Just small.


I feel sick. I should have avoided this story. And the astral plane. The astral plane makes me fucking puke! Why did I mention it? Why am I always going back into the past?

This post means nothing. So it means as much as anything else written about Longacre Fund Management.