Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Brian Gallagher has left UBS to look for 'other opportunities'

Well, I'll give him a job on this blog. I need an intern, someone with great financial knowledge to complement my utter ignorance.

Brian has been managing the UBS UK Equity Income fund. A £22 million portfolio - if you can believe that.

Here are some of the highlights of his career:

At UBS, he successfully raised £50 million for a new fund; requiring the frequent and intensive marketing to quickly establish the credentials of UBS and himself in a demanding and competitive retail space. [£50 million? Okay.]

At Gartmore, he won three beauty parades in the first three months of his arrival in the face of very aggressive competition. [Eh?]

At Murray Johnstone, he took Unit trust (Murray Equity Income £50 million) from bottom decile to top quartile in six months. [Fuck me! That is impressive.]

Oh, there is one thing that does concern me. Brian only has six O levels. I have eight O levels, and three CSEs. Yes, it is a worry.