Monday, 24 October 2011

Drew K. "Bo" Brownstein is guilty of insider trading

"Bo" or Drew or "K" or Mr Brownstein says so himself. And I'm not going to argue with him. He told the judge in New York. That's good enough for me. He's guilty, and he's truly sorry. But I will say: 'We're all guilty, son.' Drew, I mean, "Bo" / oh yes / Mr "K", sir. No one say, he's a privileged professional, woefully mistaken. No! Well, no more than anyone else. It's a privilege to be alive, as a professional, or an amateur. I mean, it's a pro-am soul event, am I right? And woefully mistaken like it's going out of style, all of us, yes? But, Mr "Bo", sir: 'We're all guilty, son. No one's leaving this terrible place, this earth, without terrible sin all over them, and inside them, too, more than anywhere else, really. It stains the soul. You were the founder and chief executive of Big 5 Asset Management. And maybe you still are. We ain't taking that away from you, son, that achievement. Securities fraud? Insider trading? I don't know. You made $2.5 million on the Mariner Energy deal. Be proud. Be strong. I ain't judging you. No one with any awareness of the spiritual mysteries can judge you, my friend.'

Yes, you can be aware. (Indulge me. I'm talking about myself, and for myself.) It doesn't mean you have much knowledge. But you can be aware, certainly. I'm hoping for more, more than awareness. Let me be honest: I'm looking for mastery. Complete knowledge, no gaps, total control, a real grip on the mysteries. How would my enemies like them apples? (My enemies? Maybe I'll forgive them. You've got to feel sorry for people with brains like worms, and souls like rats. [Oh, dictator rhetoric! So where's my golden pistol?] I can be a big man, a generous man, a Jesus H. Caesar. Am I - or am I not, or am I - a spiritual aristocrat? I can forgive. It's a matter of willpower. I must reach for my higher self!) And if I had them apples, life would be something else. Not a miserable affair, worrying about money and death. It would be a carnival. Pretty sure I'm close to it now. God is smiling at me. I'm pretty sure about that - now. I'm the son He never had, a Jesus with balls. I ain't dying for anyone's fucking sins.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where were we? / Drew K. "Bo" Brownstein will be away for three or four years, sewing mailbags. I'll be there with him, in spirit. Amoral like it's going out of style, I'm backing "Bo" to the hilt. I'm with the criminals because they are the ones who have suffered. I live for these men and women. I work hard for them, day and night, in this hell we call the world; this earth that looks so lovely from outer space. They need me. You've got to understand. They are the lost children. I'm the only one who can save them. Remember, I'm the lonely one, the sha/man who was born for it.