Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kornelius Klobucar, and I'm sure we have no desire ...

Kornelius Klobucar is starting a global macro hedge fund, Stone Milliner Asset Management, with his Moore Capital associate/compadre, Jens-Peter Stein / and that is it! We have no desire to know any more at all whatsoever. The global macro stuff upsets us, obviously, but there is something else, isn't there?


Pretty painful, eh? Let's see if we can forget about Kornelius Klobucar. The last thing we want, at night, is for Kornelius Klobucar to come to us in our dreams - because they won't remain dreams for long, will they?

I suggest we stop thinking about him. We are physically safe, at least. Kornelius Klobucar is far, far away. In Switzerland, I believe. Of course, dear reader, you could be reading this in Switzerland. You poor bastard! (If that's the case.) Oh, you poor bastard! (Bitch, if you're a woman?) But you only have yourself to blame. Who made you go and live in Switzerland? You went there for the money, didn't you? Yes, yes. Well, you've made your bed. Now you've got to lie in it.