Thursday, 4 October 2018

Fuel for thought?

Not really. Fuel for ventures, actually. 'Eh? What are you going on about, boss?' Ha! Fuel Ventures, Voice. PR email. 'Oh.' Look! -

Early-stage London-based investment fund Fuel Ventures has raised £20 million in its third fund, with high net worth individuals, family offices and corporate institutions investing and providing strategic opportunity for scale, particularly in China, the Middle East and across Europe.

London-based investment fund Fuel Ventures has raised £20 million in its third fund since launching in 2014, having grown to a portfolio of more than 20 companies. Founded by award-winning entrepreneur, Mark Pearson, best known for founding several high profile online ventures such as MyVoucherCodes and with a team of experienced entrepreneurs in its principal team, Fuel Ventures was created by founders for founders. It's one of the rare funds that gives 100% EIS tax relief to UK investors, with others investing alongside.

A bit of repetition there, at the beginning of both paragraphs. But that's never a bad thing in my book. 'What book, boss?' Ha! Fuck books, Voice! Seriously. Long live conceptual literature! / Anyway, I'm absolutely desperate to hear from Mark Pearson. 'Come on, Mark!' Oh, here he is -

Mark Pearson, founder of Fuel Ventures says, "Our ethos hasn't changed since launching in 2014. We only invest in companies we believe have the potential to return 100x and play a very supportive role in both the development and ongoing fundraising to help them on that path. We say we are a fund by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and that’s important to us."

Nice one! / Okay, uh ... oh, there's more. 'He won't shut up, boss! What a loon!' That's all right, man. He's enthusiastic. Leave him alone. Here we go -

"This £20m fund, our biggest to date, is exciting not only because it will enable us to invest in tens of new companies, but because of the strategic opportunity the assembly of investors gives us to help us scale current and future portfolio companies into markets including China and the Middle East. With Brexit looming over us, this fund shows that foreign investors, family offices and institutions are still confident in the UK start-up scene, and gives us a lot to be positive about."

And ... ENDS!!! ... as they say in the business. And no endorsement, obviously.


Right. Okay, okay. Anything else? Music? My new song? I've started work on the lyric, man. Just the theme of it and a couple of lines. There will only be two verses, so I want the writing to be very concentrated for a big impact. / It's psychologically important to me that I make this song my fourth "world-beater". If I can write four of them, I can write twenty-five of them. And if I can write twenty-five of them, I'll be the greatest songwriter ever. It's as simple as that. [Actually, a dozen would be more than enough, but that's small thinking, you dig?] / Now, you may be, uh ... thinking, dear reader(s), that "artistic" types don't plan ahead in such competitive ways, regarding an actual number and that. Ha! Well, I don't give a shit, son. (Daughter!) This is how Elon Musk would do it if he were an artist. He would set a massive goal ... and then burn himself up and everyone and everything around him to achieve it. I mean, have a look at this!

Okay, okay, I'll be writing another post later. Laters!