Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Will another one matter?

That is the question! I'm talking about another post, dear reader(s). A financial post. 'Thank God, for that, boss!' What, Voice? 'I thought you were referring to your conceptual posts. They always matter. We will always need more.' Yes, yes. And there will be one later, No. 656. However ... the financial shit. Haven't we had enough, my kook(s)?

I could write about the Budget, I suppose. Jesus H. Christ. 'Ha!' But ... I ain't got no enthusiasm, you dig? 'Oh dear. Come on, boss, cheer up!' I don't know what to do ...

It's just ... 'This often happens, reader(s). Don't worry about it. You know what he's like.' Yes, they know what I'm like, Voice. Unless they're new here, which I can't imagine. It's a rather exclusive club now. We don't like strangers.

What a life, eh?!


Okay, okay. I can't fight it ...

MUSIC!!! 'Yippee!' My Elixir strings have been on my acoustic guitar for over five hundred hours. They shouldn't be on that long, really. I'd like to change them, but I'm not ready to record yet - and I want fresh strings for any recording(s). I could put some cheap strings on for a while. That means going into central London though, or ordering on Amazon. It's a lot of fuss, man.

I'm worried about the noise outside my window. Idiots on motorbikes and the like. I need silence when I'm recording. I've got a foam guard thing to put around my Zoom Handy recorder thing, but it doesn't keep out really loud sounds. Why do people feel the need to slam their car doors? I swear one day I'll just lose it and run out into the street and start punching people in the head.

I don't want to go to a recording studio, like the old days. I don't want engineers watching me, or knowing about my songs. And I need to take my time, you dig? / I could go to a rehearsal studio and record there. But I think you can still hear noises from the other rooms, and some of the rooms have air conditioning. They're not suitable for recording.


Why it's important to be the best in the world if you're a new unknown artist. / Okay, okay. Motivation. Listen to this. If someone is going to spend £15 on an album, or a book. Or £100 on a concert ticket. Or £1,000 on a painting. Or whatever! Aren't they going to spend that money on an established artist who has a track record and a certain level of quality that is known to everyone? I mean, why take the risk, man?! Obviously, this isn't always the case. However, I imagine it is the case most of the time. / So, as a new artist, the only way to fight this ... [drum roll] ... is to be clearly superior to every motherfucker in your field. Yes, it's as brutal as that.

Okay. Laters!

[Er ... uh, notes ... doesn't really apply to avant-garde artists? You've got to be reasonably commercial, I suppose. I don't know. And maybe you can give your stuff away if you are new. But you know what I mean, man. If you want to sell shit. If you want to be a big name, and not just a face in the crowd of artists ... be great!]