Tuesday, 16 October 2018


It looks like there might be a NO DEAL on Brexit, dear reader(s). Unless there's an amazing stroke of luck, or the government suddenly becomes sane.

This guy, Edwin Hayward, seems to know what he is talking about on Twitter.

And Rafael Behr has a good article on Brexit magical thinking.

I reckon the Conservative Party needs to be destroyed for the damage it is doing to this country, and will do in the future. Unfortunately, like Hitler in his bunker, they will try to take everyone else with them. The whole thing is insanity from beginning to end.

Labour aren't much better.

The latest news is, Ford are threatening to pull out of the UK. What if all the other car companies leave with them? I think there are about a million jobs reliant on the car industry. Did I mention that the whole Brexit thing is insanity from beginning to end?

Even a Brexit deal won't be great. We already have the best deal, for fuck's sake!

And it's not just about the economy, man. What about our reputation? The world is watching us.

The whole thing is insanity from beginning to end.

I'm sick of it!


Right. Anything else? My new double conceptuals? I think they take up too much space, so I might just do them occasionally - as a special treat, like - and write the single ones again. Or I could just write one double conceptual a week, and then six normal posts. I don't know yet. I'll be doing a single one today though.

Music? Uh, my music? I'm one lyric away from having fifteen songs, dear pop fan(s). That'll be a GREAT(!!!) eleven-track album and four B-sides. / I've scrapped songs, too. Gilly, Gilly, My Heart, Gilly Marie ... and others, gone! 'That's a strange title, boss.' It's three titles, idiot! / And I've rejected countless fragments. / The high of Malibu is wearing off a bit now. I need another song, man! I'm addicted!

Oh, do I regret wasting the Christmas of 2012 by recording a hundred or so bad versions of My Heart - ? No! Do I regret recording You're Lying nearly one thousand times until I got a version that isn't even all that amazing, and it's a B-side anyway? No! You've got to go through that shit to make progress, son. [Daughter!] Sad, but true.