Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Who is Didier Anthamatten?

Well, well ... / Uh, I'm not sure anyone knows, actually. It looks like we're dealing with another mystery man. But I don't mind. I enjoy mysteries. 'I can tell you something about him, boss.' What, Voice? 'Our Didier has just been appointed as senior investment manager by Unigestion. Apparently, he's mixed up in volatility strategies and some sort of liquid alternatives in outer space.' Yes, idiot. Thanks. Christ! I could have told you all that.

Seriously, who is Didier Anthamatten, dear reader(s)? Who is he really? I don't want to know his job title. I'm not interested in which finance firm he works for. That shit doesn't tell you who a person is.

It's a mystery. That's the truth.

There comes a time when all of us just have accept the mysteries of life. Don't question them! Don't get upset!


Anyway, music? I'm making progress with my new song. I only need eight lines of lyric now.

It's always a strange business, man, putting lyrics to a tune that you've had for a while. I mean, I get used to singing gibberish with it, but when the real words turn up ... it often changes my idea of what the song is. Do you understand? 'Not really, boss. What are you going on about?' I was talking to the reader(s). 'Oh.' Okay, Voice. It changes the vibe of the music.

Never mind.


Anything else? Uh, music, again? Well, let me put something on. A crazy remix of Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung, on repeat. I prefer the original, but I haven't got it on my media player. 'Go to YouTube.' I will, later. / As great as this song is, I think it's scary a band or artist only having one classic hit. Do you know what I mean?

Listen, kook(s), I was thinking yesterday, it's been exactly eight years since I got back into music. And if I had known in 2010 that the process would be this long and painful, I'm not sure I would have started. 'Ha!' However, I have truly great songs now, decent guitar skills, and a much-improved singing voice. It's all been worth it. I just wish .. it had been easier, you dig? 'Ha!' WHAT?! 'It's certain there is no fine thing since Adam's fall but needs much labouring.' Yes, yes, Voice, I know. W.B. Yeats. I'm just saying, that's all.